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Kenai Peninsula Borough

The Kenai Peninsula Borough is a large administrative region located in Southern Alaska. It covers an area of over 24,000 square miles and encompasses the entire Kenai Peninsula and several parts of mainland Alaska.

Named after the original Native Alaskan tribe called the Kenaitze that once lived in the area, the borough is home to some of the largest cities in the southern part of the state including Cooper Landing, Seward, Homer, Kenai, and the borough seat, Soldotna.

Recent data from the Census Bureau shows that the region had around 57,147 residents in 2013. That’s a 3.15% increase from its previous population of 55,400 residents in 2010.

The Kenai Peninsula, which extends over 150 miles southwest of the Chugach Mountains, is a major contributor to Alaska’s economy. The region is rich in natural resources such as coal, petroleum, and natural gas. Numerous private and commercial fisheries line its coasts and its seasonal climate allows for crops to be grown on its land.

Known as Alaska’s Playground, the Kenai Peninsula extends over 9,000square miles along the Gulf of Alaska. The incredible landscape is a major tourist draw, as are its fishing, wildlife, and water attractions including seashores, rivers, lakes, creeks and marshes.

Kenai Peninsula Real Estate

The Kenai Peninsula Borough features a wide range of widely spaced coastal cities and small towns separated by miles of beautiful and diverse natural surroundings filled with forests, mountains, rivers, coasts, and lakes.

There are plenty of vacant lots and single-family homes for sale, if you’re looking to establish residence after you’ve explored and identified the viable business opportunities in the area. Properties here are built to withstand the snow and designed to be as efficient as possible.

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Kenai Peninsula Commercial Real Estate or Sale and Lease

The region mostly features industrial warehouses, manufacturing, and light manufacturing properties as well as special-use buildings such as gas stations.

There’s also a good amount of multi-family properties and retail and restaurant spaces due to the area’s tourism and fishing industry.

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The economy of the Kenai Peninsula Borough is powered by its rich coal, gas, and petroleum deposits. Tourism is also a major industry, thanks to the area’s spectacular landscape. Along with several popular tourist attractions, the peninsula features hunting grounds for big and small game.

Its waterside cities are known for their abundance of fisheries for personal and commercial use.

Cities like Soldotna, the seat of the Kenai Peninsula Borough, have developed hubs for services and retail for travelers.

Explore opportunities to provide services or establish operations that support the current commercial and industrial landscape. Or seek out existing businesses looking to expand to the area. In the offing are franchise opportunities for financial services, food, fashion and gift items, wine bars, specialized schools, and cost, purchase, and supply management.

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